Does he actually care for me? Is he leading me on? Why the mixed signals?

My boyfriend recently broke up with me because he was always too busy to see me and I was always blowing up his phone. He would always tell me how he really felt like it was love at first sight with me, and it really sounded passionate when he said it, the words sounded heavy. But he would often be too busy to see me all day because he was with his family or doing something. I felt neglected. But I did act too clingy with him, always drunk texting him every night. After we broke up, we didn't talk all week. I finally texted him and just apologized for being so clingy. He apologized for being 'not the best boyfriend', saying he wished he had had more time for me. He told me he missed me, and I said I miss you more. He then said "God damn it" and I was like "what?" And he just said "I don't know" and stopped responding to me. Does it seem like he's leading me on, or could there be another reason for his behavior?


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  • Well, this is all so confusing. I mean both you were wrong, he was wrong not to give your importance, not to give you enough time and you were wrong to act clingy towards him.

    I don't think he is leading you on and his apology to you also seems sincere

    • Exactly. Well yesterday he told me that he wants nothing to do with me, that he's over me because he broke up with me. He said that he doesn't want to prioritize a relationship so young (contradicts everything else he's said) and that he does miss me but that didn't mean anything

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  • He is confused, unsure which is the right thing for him :
    to talk to you and continue communicate
    or cut all the stuff and move on.
    Or maybe try to see if you care and play with your feelings.
    Good luck!

    • Yeah, he seems confused. Definitely wants to play with my feelings

    • and you need to be stronger and not show him that you're begging

    • I just liked him so much it was hard. But I already screwed it up lol

  • He said god damn it because you responded in an even more clingy way.

    He is frustrated that you don't learn.

    These are not mixed signals.

    • You think so? Well he told me yesterday he wanted nothing to do with me. But look at the way he treated me, he didn't make me a priority

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    • No one is disputing your right to be upset. But my god, learn from it and leave the guy alone. It's over. It's done. Move on.

    • Haha, how do you think I'm still talking to him? I'm not.

  • Just an observation but you said you apologized for being clingy then when he said he missed you, you responded with I miss you more. That can be portrayed as clingy. If you are both set on trying to make it work, take the time to talk through the issues instead of just apologizing. It will help you both find a way to come to a happy medium on the issues you stated. Good luck.

    • Hmm, is that really that clingy? I didn't think of it that way. Well, I would like to but I think he should text me and kind of initiate wanting to work through it because I really don't want to keep bothering him and text him first again. So it's kind of up to him if he's even willing to work it out.

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    • Talking things out always helps. Ego, pride, stubbornness, etc. make guys idiots in these situations. Talk to him, tell him how you feel.

    • But if I called him first to talk about it that would be "clingy".

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