Should I end it with him?

So I just bought a new dress. He's about an inch taller than me and got upset because I said I'm wearing 2 inch heels which I think is super fucking stupid lol. I'm 5'10, so yeah I know I'm tall. But his reasoning was that I'm "too big" to be girly. I have an hourglass figure so yeah my hips and boobs are big-ish in proportion but I don't think the rest of me is. I'm pretty physically fit. Would this be enough for you to end it with someone? I'm pretty hurt about what he said. (Ps this is similar to the dress I got)Should I end it with him?


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  • Are you kidding me? You are hot!! And you are girly! I would never end a relationship because such a non sense thing.
    This guy is stupid if he really thinks what he told you.
    I had once a girlfriend that was about my height (I'm about 5'11) and she wore heels a couple of times and I really liked it, it was different and special, but cute and girly as if she had been 5 ft or 6'6. Height doesn't make a difference and do not decide if you are girly or not.
    Hope I helped :)


What Girls Said 2

  • Depends on feelings before. As if it's a one off sure he didn't mean it like that

  • How is that a dress? That's a crop top and a skirt.

    • That's the only one I had a picture in lol. I got one that was a full dress but it has the same skirt

    • Oh okay lol. I've seen outfits like that before that girls call "dresses" and I'm just like... where? xD

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