I am really hurt what should I do?

The guy I was with works at the same place as me and my dad. We were sneaking and date and he never wanted to tell my dad that we were dating. I did the worst thing you can possible do at the beginning of a relationship is have sex with him. Once my dad found out after the next day he stopped messaging and calling me. When I messaged him to tell him how he feels he pretty much lied to me and told me that he cared about me and he doesn't know what is going on. If he really cared about me he would of offered to take me out after my parents didn't like me go to the movies this Friday.


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  • Your dad found out and he stopped banging you? This seems lesson learned and he probably realizes how fucked work will go now. How did you dad find out anyway?

  • Seems like he was using you only for sex.


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