Once a cheater, always a cheater?

I don't understand how I was such a good girlfriend, did my best to keep this relationship from falling apart. This is my story... starting dating this guy who confessed once he cheated on his ex numerous times and yet, i chose to give him a chance knowing this fact. We were together for a few months and i started noticing he was always picking fights and always trying to make me feel guilty and blame me of cheating. Never wanted to talk about anything, always had a communication problem but yet i tried to communicate with him, expressed how his silence hurt me. He was a bit depressed i think because he hasn't been able to hold a job and his almost 30. Alway made me feel like I was the problem in the relationship. Basically at this point he would always accused me of cheating, always looking through my phone, in way of looking for evidence to prove of being unfaithful. He would never want to go or do anything publicly. Never introduced me to his friends, though i meant his family (since he lives at home). Red flags right? We were together for 5 months and had a huge fight, we ended things that very night. #weeks later we talked, clearly i was trying to work things out, but to my surprise he has already moved on and he has a new girlfriend after 3weeks of being separated. Claims he's known her for a while, and old friend of his, and it just happened. But things make sense now, he clearly had something going on with her and staged a huge fight, knowing i would break up with him that night. Makes sense how he was always so defensive about me cheating when in reality he was the one cheating. Everything makes sense now how he never wanted to introduce me to his friends, go out, take pictures with me and post them on social media. If one is trying to deal with a break up you go out, hook up with girls, do anything to get your mind off of her but you don't jump into another relationship after 3weeks after your breakup. This has cheating written all over it?

Once a cheater, always a cheater?
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