Is it too late to ask for the good times back?

so I have been in and on-off relationship. We have had 3 big breaks. They have all come down to something stupid and we get back together. This break up has been much longer and much more serious. He says I am controlling. Which personally I don't fully see. I know there are certain things I like my way, but there are things he gets all the decisions over. When I asked him for examples of things I have controlled he just says the relationship, but has not examples. We had a huge fight last night and he said he only misses the good times. Last night I feel like I messed everything up! Is it too late to just text him and tell him I want the good times back and I want to work so there are more good times or does that make me look too desperate/ will it drove him away more?


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  • at some point a relationship becomes beyond salvaging. 3 big breaks suggest that you guys really struggle with something. if you can't remedy the issue that is leading to break-ups than getting back into the relationship is fruitless

    is it too late to ask for the good times back? without figuring out the causes and fixing the things that lead to the bad times the good times, if you can get them back, will be short lived.

    • Thanks! The first two break up were about commitment. Now that commit is not the issue I think it's that we are both alphas and he wants to protect me as the man. I will try and see what happens

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  • It's never too late to try again. You may not get the answer you want, but "Nothing ventured, nothing gained"!

    About your relationship with this guy. I can see that both of you may have separate agendas. The only way it will work if you can learn to compromise.

    • By the way, welcome to GAG! I hope you stay a while, and enjoy your time here!

    • I agree with you! I think we are both used to being the alpha's but I'm learning being the alpha is not as important if you lost the one you love

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