Why is my ex trying to hurt me?

to start off we are both 16 about to be juniors in highschool. I'll call him "X" lol. it started when x liked me in October of 2015 but mind you i didn't like him AT ALL then i started too and we went out towards the end of November and i broke up with him In January. it was because I was already realdepressed and suicidal and I would take all of that mess out on him. It wasn't fair to him so I broke up with him. he didn't understand at first and begged for us to get back together. we remained friends (big mistake) and started arguing a lot over petty stuff. I got tired of that and I started talking to a guy months after our breakup but nothing so serious and I think x was jealous. time went on and x would tell me how the Guy i liked Was just gonna hurt me even tho he never met him. eventually x just told me he Was tired of going in " circles with me " and arguing and whatever and told me he was done with me. I was so hurt after because X told me he would always be here for me and never leave but did anyways. when I say " leave " like our friendship. besides the arguing we had a powerful friendship he's a pastors kid so he helped me with my relationship with God and other things. It hurt and it still hurts that he would leave over nothing. everything was going so good. he blocked me got a rebound relationship that lasted 5 days. eventually unblocked me after weeks and added me back. I did the dumbest thing and messaged , called and begged for us to start everything over ig he was the only friend I felt that i can vent to and he wouldn't judge. he was ignoring me then he would flirt and ignore me again playing games. he made me feel guilty by bringing up things i don't remember saying. he told me how it was funny that things flipped meaning that i was the one begging this time instead of him. I ignored him at one point after our breakup and now he's doing the same to me I think he wants to feel in " control " opinions on everything please !! thank u


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  • Your ex has feelings. for you it sounds like he was hurt from you breaking up with him, now. that. you paud him a little attention he feels like he can down play and play games with you, that is not a friend, i. get it he was a good friend to you, and im sure you have loads of memorys but again he WAS your friend now he's just a typical guy plying with your head, honestly delete him you dont need that in your life an can do way better, plus the things he's doing is very VERY childish you dont deserve that!

    • thank you so much ! very true i think he's trying to play the " now you know how it feels game " to you know be ignored and stuff

    • Yes he is which is childish so yea you know whats up gurl dont pay him no mind delete him and well do you!

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  • Wow, the cat and mouse games... is that what ex's usually do? try to hurt/one-up? especially when the other person wants to try again, then they feel like they dictate terms?
    Ever wonder why people Usually don't go back to exes, even if they really Really want to? ^^^ there you go.

    • thank you ! It hurts but its true

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    • yeah I've even said that. been hurt by do many Guys that I've said all guys ain't s*** because of how many times I've been hurt but then once I started hearing guys say girls ain't s*** i got offended and Was like thats not fair you know. Then I realized it's not fair to put all guys in the same category because of a few guys actions do i can't say " all guys are jerks " but most lol nah

    • but what can you do? keep leaving yourself open for the next douchebag (male)/parole officer (female)... no, you gotta play defense.
      I played defense for a while... but i finally broke through. My system... works. But now, I'm just tired and just don't wanna.

  • Wow. He really doesn't like that sudden breakup you pulled... but then lots of complicated shit happened between the both of you, to the point where no one's really to blame anymore and staying friends was indeed a really bad idea. He's ignoring you because he's done with you and the last straw for him was probably you trying to beg for him back. Please for your sake let him go, and wait a very long time before contacting him again.
    Yeah, guys will tell you they'll always be there, but every guy also has a breaking point where he changes his mind, and ur ex was really quick about it too :( . Try finding another friend to vent to, it'll do you good.

    • thank you ! I guess I just need to move on. I wish I wouldn't have begged so much

    • No problem! Can't take it back but you sure as hell can forget and find someone to bitch about him with!

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  • I'm wayyyy to lazy to read that


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