How do you know when to end it?

It's only been a few months together but I have never felt quite sure about my boyfriend, and I feel like even though I haven't got a huge reason to end it, maybe that's a reason in itself. Shouldn't you feel at some point that you do really want to be with him and feel sold on him sort of thing. I feel like i am still waiting for us to have a close connection and him to show some effort and us to do something fun together other than walk around the mall near his house, because thats what he likes to do all day if he's not at work and it's driving me bonkers and I feel like if I suggest anything else ill be forcing him to do it. Also lately he has begun to repulse me, with his looks and things like not taking care of his teeth, his dandruff and balding and smell of b. o, his privates never seem that clean, he won't shower after gym etc.
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We've never even had proper dates or anything, it just came to 'come over' after about the second one, and I feel super bored.
How do you know when to end it?
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