How do you know when to end it?

It's only been a few months together but I have never felt quite sure about my boyfriend, and I feel like even though I haven't got a huge reason to end it, maybe that's a reason in itself. Shouldn't you feel at some point that you do really want to be with him and feel sold on him sort of thing. I feel like i am still waiting for us to have a close connection and him to show some effort and us to do something fun together other than walk around the mall near his house, because thats what he likes to do all day if he's not at work and it's driving me bonkers and I feel like if I suggest anything else ill be forcing him to do it. Also lately he has begun to repulse me, with his looks and things like not taking care of his teeth, his dandruff and balding and smell of b. o, his privates never seem that clean, he won't shower after gym etc.
We've never even had proper dates or anything, it just came to 'come over' after about the second one, and I feel super bored.


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What Guys Said 2

  • So lets take this per subject.

    Hygiene: Personal hygiene is important. Asking someone to take care of himself is natural. It is rather strange to have to ask this since you are not his mother. Still ask him, I would totally understand it if you left him, if he doesn't comply.

    Dating: I know that guys who take initiative can be awesome, but please open a dialog about what you would like to do. He might not even have considered other options. You are not forcing him to do anything, just explain that you would like to mix things up.

    Feelings: First of all, try to 'fix' what I've written above. You've been invested for a few months, so it could be worth it to try instead of letting go without trying. Lets say he now takes care of his hygiene and even spontaneously ask you on a surprising dates. If this still won't give you a close connection then, again, open up a dialog about how you still miss something in your relationship and your reservations about the relation. This gives him a fighting chance or the option to respond with the same feelings. Either try to work together to improve or decide to dial things back a notch to figure out what you want..

    Relationships don't have to be hard, but they do require work from both parties.

  • You end a relationship if you aren't interested in your partner nor have the interest to spark an interest again.

    If you feel like there is no connection and there never will be then end it.

    Suggesting something to your partner doesn't mean you are forcing them to do something.
    A relationship works only when the 2 persons in the relationship are willing to communicate. Your relationship doesn't only revolve around him, you have your part in it also.

    Tell him your opinions and try to resolve your problems IF you are willing to fix your relationship.


What Girls Said 1

  • The second you start asking if you should.

    If you were happy, you wouldn't be asking in the first place.

    But men aren't mind readers. Say something to him, and tell him how you feel. How will he know that you're not happy if you just wait around for him to magically know?

    Hygiene, it sounds like he gave up making himself attractive once he found a mate. in my opinion, that a form of changing to make them like you. Like he was putting on an act to win you over. You should say something to him about that.


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