Girlfriend says she cheated on me after fight/breakuo then ignores and blocks. Whats going on?

I won't go too much into detail but basically we were fighting over text and the argument grew bigger and when i tokd her that ibwas done with this argument she comes back at me with "ive been done also I've been fucking that guy from work." I then freak out and try calling her and text her but ahe won't respond, i later find out she block me on social media. Why is she doing this? Did she really cheat or did she just say that cause im a jealous type and she knows i hate the guy that she's been telling me about that is always looking at her. I never took her as a cheating type and she always told me not to be jealous and that she would never do such a thing as long as I do the same (which I have) she was acting strange over the past two weeks, also she was seeing a counsler of some time for her anixty/bi polor. So I don't know whats going on. I truley dont believe she would cheat on me it just doesn't sound like her.


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  • Based on what you said it kinda seems like she really did cheat on you. ): ... And when you argue with you girl you should never say you're done. You might regret it.


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  • Move on. Not worth the time and she is already giving you drama. You deserve better. Hypergamy (most girls have another guy to jump to when relationships don't work out). Take it from me, find a better girl who makes you feel good.


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