Why can't guys EVER give a closure?

Well, here goes: I am in love with this guy who lives an ocean away from me, and his actions tell me that he is too. On our first monthsary, he surprised me by asking my friend to fill up my room with lots of roses filled with his little handwritten notes. On our second monthsary, he sent me a big box filled with all of my favorite candies; each had handwritten notes from him. The last two notes said he loved me and that he was incredibly in love with me. It's been six months since then, and I haven't heard from him...at all. I can still remember our last real conversation; it was the first time he actually told me he was in love with me and that he never had so much faith till I entered the picture. After a few days or so, I received an offline from him bidding me to take care. A friend of mine who happens to know him told me he was never the romantic type, so all that he did for me was really something. But why is it that I haven’t heard from him at all? I still continue to give him offline messages, continue to tell him I miss him, and tell him I will wait till he comes back, no matter how long. I even told him it would be alright if he doesn’t want to be involved with me anymore, I wouldn’t begrudge him anything that makes him happy. I wouldn’t get angry…just at least give it a closure. I can’t give him a call as for the couple of months that we were together, I never got his number. We communicated through chatting. A mutual friend of ours talked to him around December and asked him what was wrong, he told her there were some stuff he has to fix and that he can’t talk to me unless they are fixed because he doesn’t want to lie to me. So here’s my roster of unanswered questions that drive me insane every night: What’s wrong and what’s keeping him from talking to me? And last of all, if it’s so bad, why can’t he even give a simple closure? A simple goodbye would do, I already told him I could take it.


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  • Maybe he met someone else or their are more important things or other things in his life work, family etc.


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