Tell him how I feel still?

We were in a great relationship. Things ended. He was stressed about things and said some stuff. We broke up and he initiated after the bu. Its been 3 months since the bu but we have still been talking and have had sex ocassionally. I asked him to hang one time at my house and he said he didn't know that he had a lot going on and did not knmow how he felt about everything going on. Not sure if its about us or not because in a way i still feel we have that connection there on every level like we did and it never went away and there could be a chance. Anyway now its August and i have to see him everyday at his job. One of my students is attending and im going. Its so hard to see him. I love seeing him intereact with the children and stuff and sometimes it gets me upset. I see him checking me out from time to time like the other day I know he walked behind me. Anyway should I still tell him how I feel? I am always the one person to say fight for what you want and I want him. If it works then great if not then at least I tried


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  • No, if he doesn't want you it will be embarrassing


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