What is the insight to all of this?

I lashed out at my ex for ignoring me saying "if you're going to act this ignorant and ignore me then there's no point, go **** yourself". After that statement he blocked me on everything social media. I realized I shouldn't have done that and I regret even saying that. I sent an apology through another source of communication, a month after the big break up scene, but he read it and ignored that and still has me remained blocked.

Before i lashed out to him he sent a big paragraph basically saying "I don't think its right if we talk again". those words hurt especially when we had chemistry with one another.

It's been two months since then maybe more but I'm still torn about it all.
I sent a apology two months ago with a memory of the good times we had (thats what an exrecovery website said i should do, I don't know i just looked desperate for saying the stuff i said.)

I feel like I'm in the worst situation. Im humiliated to try and fix this shit but its not working out at all. he still has a grudge against me.

Mind you there was no cheating involved or anything that was that major. He's literally making me seem crazy for attempting to fix this. This blows

thanks for the help,
What is the insight to all of this?
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