My self- esteem has gone down after being with my boyfriend. Advice?

I've been with my boyfriend for 2 years. When we first met, I had been single for a long time and was feeling really confident, happy and great about myself, which is what I believe drew him in. When I met my boyfriend things were going well until I found out he had been messaging his ex girlfriend along with other girls trying to hook up while we were in a fight. After this, he promised to change and gave me his password on his phone. I decided to give him another chance, but I've been paranoid since and don't like the person I've become. I never went through his phone until I saw those messages and I can't seem to stop. Things started getting a little better but once I got on the pill, my desire to have sex has decreased and he constantly complains about it. He got upset recently and said "maybe we're just not attracted to each other anymore" he immediately regretted it and said he was just seeing what my response was to see if I still am. Ever since then, I've been feeling super insecure and I get really upset when he points out a hot female because he's made me feel so bad about our sex life and my looks. I'll admit he does compliment me a lot, but it's been hard to move past his mistakes and mean comments. Even when he says nice things, I seem to only remember the bad. I do love him and overall we have a good relationship, besides my lowering self esteem. Should I try to work on my self esteem with him and our relationship or do it on my own? Any advice is appreciated :)
My self- esteem has gone down after being with my boyfriend. Advice?
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