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My ex boyfriend and I recently split up after a year and a half of dating. I haven't talked to him for almost a week and he sends me a text after a mutual friend went to visit him saying "I'll talk to you Monday. :)" My friend who went to visit said that he is OK and that he needed some time to clear his head and to think and when I talk to him on Monday to have an open mind and to listen. Is this going to be good or bad?


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  • It really depends on what happened before the breakup. At least he's trying to think things through, and wants to communicate with you Monday.. It's best to see what happens, and keep an open mind, and listen. But on some hand, it's best to communicate what you want to. A relationship isn't just one person, but two people in it together, so don't be afraid to speak about your feelings as well, because he also needs to keep an open mind, and listen as well. It's really a two way street when it comes to communicating.

    Anyway hope things go well Monday.

    Much Love

  • I say that its a good thing. But honestly, you have to fill us in on more details, why did you guys break up? And do you still suspect that there are feelings on either side?

    • The breakup wasn't particularly bad or ugly. In fact, it started because I asked him if he was depressed and he told me he thought he was and needed time to be by himself and I let him leave.

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