My brother gave up on love after experiencing his first heartbreak. Is it normal?

I know a lot of people who go through break ups but then recover quickly and get into a new relationship. But my brother has been single for almost 5 years and said he will never be able to get over his ex and still has strong feelings for her. She was his first love and they dated for three years. She broke up with him to be with her ex. He told me he is planning on being single for the rest of his life. Did anyone ever feel that way? I find it really odd. He also said he will never be able to love someone as much as he loved her.


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  • A first lost love is by far the hardest experience to go through, however even if he says that now, it's not always true that he will forever be single. He could just be taking a break for a while and focusing on other things.

    Everyone handles breakups in different ways, each person has a different way to recover, way to heal, etc. It took me nearly 3 years myself to get over my first lost love. I think your brother may need a little boost of self esteem to get over his past, and begin to go out there dating again.

    No matter how the relationship ended, the thing he must accept is it's over with and there is no changing it. Once he comes to face the reality that he cannot let that one event effect his entire love life, I'm sure he will begin venturing out to date again. Give him some more time. He will meet a girl one day that he will feel those sparks with again, and she will make him thankful that the old relationship didn't work out. :)

    Have faith, and give him time. If you're really concerned about him, try talking with him and get him out enjoying life. Even meeting some other girls (can only be in a friend way of course) but he has to get himself over the loss before he can move on. That's the most important for him to do.


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  • How old is he?
    I mean, if he needed some time to get over her that's one thing, but 5 years after a 3 year relationship and it's because he's still heartbroken?
    Somethings not quite right about that...

    • He is 31!!! He even got asked out couple of times but turned them down.

    • What was his childhood like?
      Did a parent or someone important leave him, possibly making him more sensitive to the feeling of abandonment?
      Anything traumatic?

      Maybe therapy is needed, maybe he's gay and unwilling to come to terms with his sexuality, or maybe he really would rather be single.

      There's definitely something up, but I don't know how much you can or should do to try and "fix" him.

  • Thats very normal!! Little does he know he will fall in love again he's just saying things dont take what he says to seriously he barely experienced love


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