Why do ex girlfriends try to make you jealous?

I was just curious, is this a normal behavior?

I have found out my ex is dating another man just a month after we split, she complained to me about me never being jealous with her being friends with guys, and that I am not really jealous of her being with another man, she just thinks it's odd for a man not to be jealous. She did feel protected from me, keeping other men away from her. Everything else about me was great and what she wants.

what do you guys think? I do trust her and well its her life her choice.

any opinions are liked.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I say move on. She was expecting something very specific which seems unrealistic. Most girls like it when you are a little jealous, because it does show that you care. However, no girl I know wants to have to deal with their boyfriend being jealous and untrustful of our guy friends.

    I personally have many guy friends and I wouldn't deal with the constant jealous reactions of my spending time with them. I also don't want to be confronted every time I have a conversation with a guy.

    If a guy was blantantly hitting on me or being aggressive in some manner, well then I wouldn't mind that aggressive, jealous boyfriend. But only in that instance. And I think most girls agree on that point.

    Without trying to be cruel in any manner, I think your ex has some issues to work out.


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What Girls Said 1

  • well yeah, cause I think she feels that if ur not jealous then you don't care about her and getting jealous sometimes is not so bad. It lets you know that you really do care about that person.

    • She complained to me about showing how much I cared for her before she broke up with me.

    • So she's complaining about you not being jealous and then you caring too much? she sounds like a confused girl lol.

    • Wells he said it would be nice to have a boyfriend which protected her from other men. Honestly I don't want to have to constantly have to be jealous of other men ... or control women ... I tell her I am not comfortable with her choice ... but I trust her that she would make the right choice.

What Guys Said 1

  • Date another girl and tell her that she is old news. That is such a powertrip right there. She wants her ego stroked and nothing else. Don't fall into that game.


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