Did my ex still have feelings for me?

I'm just curious because I still think about it sometimes. We were friends for about 2-3 months prior and an actual (long-distance) relationship for about 1 month more or less. Real long story short, In that time, she cheated on me, stopped talking to me for about a month, started talking to me again (As in, always wanted to call and text me like when we were in a relationship) but then went back to the guy she cheated on me with. I ask because while I know that I stupidly let myself be used as a rebound, which I'm still trying to forgive myself for, she was still saying stuff about how she never wanted to stop talking to me and how great of a person I was and all that. I don't want her back at all, she was a cheater, liar and disrespectful, I'm just curious.
Did my ex still have feelings for me?
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