We're on a break, should I get social media back?

My boyfriend and I just broke up. He moved out. Not completely, he lacked a bag and brought some things but he still has 99% of his things here. He's living at his parents house right now. He told me we need a break to work on ourselves but he wants to be civil and said I can do whatever I want (meaning hook up with guys) but I'm gonna be the one with a guilty conscious if we get back together. He says he isn't gonna do anything with any other females but we just need time to work on ourselves and if we have enough time apart where we feel we have grown we can think about getting back together but if not he's gonna move out and get his own apt. He said he will still help me pay for bills although he isn't living here with me. Question is now that we're not together should I get a fb back? I didn't have one during our relationship because it caused problems (he didn't like me posting selfies or people liking pictures of me) but I miss being able to talk to friends and family on there. I don't know what he does because we don't talk to each other unless it's about bills so I don't know if I should still act as if we're dating or just be single (not saying I would try to find another guy so soon) but I don't want to feel "controlled".
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I also don't know if he has social media himself right now. But I just feel like we aren't going to get back together and he is just stringing me along :/
We're on a break, should I get social media back?
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