Ex wants to meet for a 'catch up'?

I will give some background info. My ex broke up with me 7 weeks ago. He said I hurt him too much (whether or not, to this day, I don't really know if that's the sole reason why he broke up with me...I'm 60% certain there were other factors that contributed) anyway, he said his feelings had changed and he didn't love me anymore. We met up four days after we split, it went ok-ish and haven't seen him since but have remained in occasional contact with a phone call here and a text occasionally. I would say, if I am being honest, that he initiated contact more with ME. but still, he maintained he wanted to be 'good friends'. Recently I sent out a group Facebook message to my friends with details about my birthday night out, and I included him on the email. and the next day he sent me a text saying that he got my message but he wouldn't be coming to my b day as he would find it too awkward and that I would have a better time without him, but 'maybe we could meet for a catch up next week, up to you'.

Guys what does this mean? 'catch up' in guys terms? "Maybe we could meet for a catch up. Up to you" what's he really mean exactly?

I don't want to set myself up for more heartache..i really miss him..but don't want to meet up and find that his feelings haven't changed and he still wants to be 'friends'. It would be like the whole breaking up thing starting all over again, well for me it would be anyway.


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  • well it could possibly mean that he does want to put his foot in the water and test the depths again. Most people don't know what they had until its gone. DO NOT have sex with him. Many people say what your boyfriend if saying because they aren't getting it anywhere else. and if you do meet up with him be real cool and don't make him the center fo your world at this time.


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