Should I leave him?

Hi im passing some trouble in my relationship and i need advice. We are together 3 years and we are living together 1 year.
So me and he had normal and good relationship but since we start to live together things strat to get boring.
First of all we start to live together 2 years ago. we are looking for ajob and he had oportunity to move to other country and he help me but he know that i didint want to live together. I just had to move because my family just kick me out.
So... he dont give me attention , he works a lot and in the time that he is at home he dont give me attention just spend all his time on pc. He dont even listen to me when im talking about my problems. He acts this way all day and then in the night want to have sex and im not that stupid so im mad i dont open my legs. Sometimes we fight a lot in the weekends about stupid things. I notice that he get jealous and angry if i other guys came talk to me. I n this moment i dont have ajob and i fell like i want to go home but my mother dont want me there so i just dont know what to do. Im just sad and tyred to handle this. He is caring and everyting , he helps me cleaning the house and make the dinner. But i dont know i dont feel happy. Im so bored that sometimes i think in other guys when i go to sleep , i just feel saturated of this routine and i feel that im waisting myself in some way. He can be nice guy , very responsable , dont have any addictions and everyting but he dont like to spend more time with me. Sometimes we go to park and he says now i can't hear my musics " he is adidicted for music " and i say why you want a girlfriend if you dont have time for me.
Do you think that this is normal? Your boyfriend is like this too?


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  • that's not normal! he is taking you for granted and puts his work first!!
    no one deserves to be taken for granted! you deserve better

    • i already told him that. He acts like he dont care but when i try to leave him he beg me to not to leave and says that love me... . I think i need some time to refresh my mind and take a decision .

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    • its already an unhealthy cycle. Minutes ago we fight just because he plan to go today to see his friend and dont even ask me if i wanted to go. And i thought that we were spend the day together

    • dump him... you deserve someone who will value you as you are

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  • First thing is: you DEFINITELY need to find a job ASAP. Do you have any (female) friends? Maybe you could go live with some of them? He's not a nice guy if he doesn't pay you any attention except when he wants to fuck you. Dump him. This is not normal, he seems like he doesn't like you at all, and just wants to keep you around (hence the 'jealousy') to use when he's horny. Get away from him.

    • he gives me attention but depends of the day most of the time like to spend on pc

    • Yeahhhh it doesn't sound nice. Doesn't exactly sound like he loves being around you...

  • Sounds Like he doesn't have respect towards you. You can work it out together and come up with a situation where both of you can move on it or you can move out and get your own place. And be independent of yourself and don't worry about someone who doesn't care.

  • I think, that if you are having this much trouble with one guy you are not ment to be! I think you should move on there are plenty of other guys better then him. Also of people doubt you it probially isn't working out. I had all my friends doubt my choice, but it turns out they were right all along!

    • My sister and my brother already gave me the advice to leave but when i try to leave he stop me. He start crying but i just fee that this dont have solution. He talks to me but i dont know he dont have initiarive to do something together he just like to spend his time alone on pc. I feel so lonely. He just controls every second that he spends with me its so annoying

    • I can tell your irrated, If im not the firstone to give u this advice... well.. just think about that, If you dont think your strong enough to leave him yet. Talk to him tell him your looking to spend more time together and for him to pay more atention to your needs.. he needs to respect that

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