My ex wants me back. Should I go back or stay with my boyfriend?

Hey so I'm 19 and in a bad situation! So here is the thing my current boyfriend Kyle treated me terrible and so I broke up with him. The same night I ran into my ex Chris and we were having fun he kept trying to kiss me and I shot him down every time. He cheated on me with at least 3 girls I confronted him and he denied it course. And he wanted to get back with we so we hung out a lot and I was really happy with him But he got sent to jail and the whole time my current boyfriend Kyle wanted me back he showed me that he has changed And Chris my x is in jail writing me telling me he loves me and stuff I haven't told him I got back with Kyle I don't know if I should b because every time I hear from Chris it doesn't let me be happy with Kyle and its not fair for him. Oh and let me remind you Chris has 2 kids and is friends with my brother and when we were hanging out he told me not to tell my brother. He did ask my brother what he thought if we started talking again. My brother told me not to get involved that he is a player but Idk. Chris is abusive to his baby's mom but never touched me. Kyle wants to marry me but I don't know about all that for right now Please help! what should I do?


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  • i vote Team Kyle. Even though its a tough choice, Chris has two kids, and abuses his childrens mother. He also is in jail...

    Kyle seems like an angry person too, though.

    why not leave them both?

  • Honestly I don't think you should be with chris because if he has cheated on you with at least 3 girls I don't see why you should give him a second chance. If kyle is willing to prove that he has changed then why not just stay with him maybe you should tell chris that you are with someone else and that night you ran into him you had just left your bf's house I don't think there is a aneed for him to know if you had a fight or not. It all comes down to who you want to be with more and if you are having problems deciding make a pro and cons list for each one and see who comes out on top


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