Crying a sign of weakness?

When a girl is expressing her pain and suffering about something or someone, if she cries, will that show a sign of weakness in her?


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  • I'd have to agree with anonymous below me. Crying isn't a sign of weakness unless you're crying over something stupid. For example:

    -Very minor physical pain (like a stubbed toe)

    -Not getting what you want (can you say entitlement?)

    -Something else unimportant, like being called a bad name (seriously, get used to it)

    If it's something that could be worth crying over, then it's not a sign of weakness.


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  • Crying isn't weakness. It's a way of releasing emotion. There's nothing wrong with it unless you're crying over something stupid or for a stupid reason. If you are dealing with, as you put it, "pain and suffering," even emotionally, that counts as a valid reason. You have every reason to cry. It doesn't mean you're weak; it just means you have something to cry about.


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  • It takes a strong person to cry because you're showing someone else your vulnerable side and that's hard to do.

    By crying I mean, there's actually something to cry about. Not over stupid things

    • Do you have an example of stupid things?

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