Guys, Ex said he'll tell me when we can meet when he's ready?

Okay guys. Me and my ex broke up 5 or so months ago. It was a very heavy and emotional break up with the loss of a pregnancy a few weeks before he cut me off. Initially he was anti contact was incredibly rude offered me no support or sympathy in regards to the babies. However as of recent he's sent me long emails dictating his feeling and says it does get to him and hurts he just dealt with it differently. We agreed to meet up I asked him when he was free he replied 'I'll let you know but I can't do tomorrow' which is fair enough. A few days past and I messaged him telling him my days off so he could work around it he replied 'I said I'll let you know' to which I basically said look if you don't want to that's completely fine just don't have me hanging around waiting when I can be doing better things he then replied 'it could be one day a month I'll let you know when I'm ready' can anyone decipher this? Does he have any intentions of meeting me or not or?


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  • I don't know if does have a plan to meet you, but like you said you can't wait around for him, so move on, if he contacts you great go meet with him see what he has to say, but I really don't think you should just hang around waiting in the hopes that he might contact you.

    • I did offer him a chance to be like nah it's not a good idea or if he didn't want to just say but he hasn't objected do you think this is a power thing?

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    • What do you think that something is?

    • I really could not tell you unfortunately, there could be so many factors involved in this, and I just don't know enough to make an informed opinion.

  • He probably have an intention but just busy at the moment


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