No contact. What do men get out of this after a break up?

So I wanna know what no contact does for men?


If you dumped or got dumped.

If you care or still love the girl how does this determine if you contact her and why?


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  • that guy makes a good point.

    I would like to add and say it also could be (if I were dumped) that I would want to cut off contact, just to see if she really meant to break things off.

    Also, with no contact it is ALOT easier to move on, so for either being dumped or dumping then that could be the case, that he just wants it over and you out of the picture so he can find someone else.


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What Guys Said 3

  • If I dumped her, it'd probablt be for something serious, so I wouldn't want to contact her. If I got dumped I'd be too heart broken to want to contact her. But, this all depends on the scenario of course.

  • Breaking up means having to move on. No contact simply makes the whole process easier to put everything behind you.

  • I agree with torken



What Girls Said 2

  • Don't contact him. If he wants to talk to you, he'll contact you. If he's not contacting you, it's because you're not on his mind. Leave it alone, you're fabulous and there is a guy out there who will see it, and will move heaven and earth to be with you.

    If this guy has a new girlfriend already then he is over you and doesn't want to be "friends" otherwise he'd be the one asking you how you are. If he's not doing this, then I'm sorry to say it's because he doesn't care. He will care about you if something bad happened, but assuming you're fine, he's not interested.

    Move on, forget him, and concentrate on yourself, your life, and getting out of it what you want. Texting him will only make him think you're trying to initiate things again. Which you're not... are you? Don't lie to yourself about this, convincing yourself it's just to "check in and see how he is" will be a recipe for disaster, and it'll hurt when you don't get the response you really want, deep down.

    Leave it be.

  • it depends on the guy

    The guy could have misunderstood something she said or as a very small reason or a shallow one OR he actually has a valid reason

    I believe depending on the reason, he may start to miss her or he will be over her quick (if she cheated on him etc.)


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