Ex's best friend?

so me my ex and his best friend were hanging out last night (there was alcohol involved) we were all having a lot of fun but as the night went on my exes friend got really touchy feely with me and he turned on music and we pretended we were dancing at an 8th grade dance and got really close to my face and kept rubbing my legs...i was kinda enjoying it because my ex was getting p*ssed off and then he body slammed me lol...i could tell my ex was getting kinda edgy...what should I do about my ex ...and his friend?...revenge for breaking my heart or should I leave it alone? lol


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  • the way I see it is, you have two options: 1) you can carry on messing around, having fun or whatever it is that you're doing with your ex's friend to make your ex jealous, (but you risk breaking up their friendship) or 2) you can walk away and be the bigger person, chose not to treat him the way he treated you...i know it's so tempting to mess around with his friend but if I were you I would get another boy to throw in his face just to show him what it is he's missing, using his friend means he might be p****d at his friend for getting on like that with his ex rather than jealous (would you like it if your best firend obviously flirted with your ex even if you weren't even slightly interested anymore)

  • I think that you should stop it before it gets out of hand. It sounds like you guys are still pretty cool with each other if you are still hanging out and whatnot.

    just chalk it up to alcohol and move on. his friend shouldnt have to be used because you're upset


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