He broke up with me yesterday:( will he be back?

Weve broken up a few times lately, this is the 4th (don t judge). Every time he thinks we aren t going to stop arguing, but we try again. Pretty much, we got over the honeymoon stage and were walking around thinking "who is this person?" And getting more vocal on our stand points. I've recently learned that I have the power to choose if something will be an argument our not and how to respond if I don t want it to be, and was showing that this weekend when we were together. We love each other VERY much. he's treated this relationship very differently than any of his other ones, deleting all the girls that could hurt our relationship off Facebook, etc... I m close with his mom and he likes that. his family loves me because I m sweet and I m on the ball and will work along side him (unlike his other lazy exs). He used to send me cute pictures of "we may argue but I will always love you".

Our birthdays are this week and when he broke up with me he said "are you still going to come to the bonfire (we were both hosting) on Saturday?" I said no and Ill tell my friends its canceled. he wanted to be friends but I told him it was too hard for me, he said he understood. He started the breakup thing by saying "I dont think we should be together anymore... I m really sorry... maybe in a year or two..." And I said "no..." (To the year or two part). It s just so hard. The week before he broke it off he was distant. He says he cares about me.

He says he loves me & I know he means it. His family wants us back together and for a "switch to flip".

If it helps I'm turning 21 and he's turning 23 this week.


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  • Consider moving on although maybe things will work out in 2 to 4 years when he finishes growing up a bit.


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  • It sounds to me like you probably shouldn't be together for how many times you've broken up. It'll probably best for the both of you to move on.


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