What should I do about my key?

he mad a huge stink about getting his suit back and I gave it to him.. he has yet to send me my key back is that weird? should I ask him for it again.. he broke up with me the last contact we had is when he texted me telling me on how unhappy he was and I ruined his life.. how could I treat him so bad and I honestly did nothing I just had a lot going on in my life I am a single mommy.. I asked him for it back last week should I say something again?


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  • wow. he can't blame his whole life mess on you, no matter what.

    i firmly believe that people are in control of their own destiny or at least part of it depending on the circumstances.

    be nice about, ask him again. he can't keep the key cause isn't that stealing your property? yes it is. so he should give it back. just be polite, he's probably stressed or an emotional wreck.

    • I did end up texting him today and I have not heard back I just said could you please send me my key back if you have not already thank you... I have not heard back which is probably good!..i miss him though I just think I will have good days and bad days for awhile

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  • Nope. You should say anything. You should simply change the locks on the doors. It's very very simple and not that expensive. Who's to say that he hasn't made himself duplicates? And as a single mommy, do you really want your keys floating around out there in the world?


    • Is it weird that he has not send it.. being a guy do you know why?

    • You are more worried about why he's not sending it than the fact that your keys are still out there to someone you don't want to have them. Or? Perhaps you do want him to have them and want him back? Either way, he's probably holding on to it as a keepsake? Or perhaps just to have something of yours that will make you contact over?

    • I guess I want some answers but I refuse to call him when he walked out He did text me last week telling me I ruined his life not being there for him.. he wants to make me feel guilty..i did text him about the key and got no response so I will see if I get it this week.. I am hurting right now as you can see.. an more suggestions I really want to call him today but I know I can't its just hard..

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  • You broke up with him. He told you that you messed up his life. Don't hurt him anymore or play games and make an excuse that you want your key back. That's toying with his heart too much. yeah change your locks and leave the guy be.

    • Actaully he broke up with me and just kind of disapperared leaving me wondering would not call or talk to me... I have a two year old too who asks and prays for him every night.. it sucks!

  • No, just change your locks, let him be, he got tired of you, you owe him nothing. He is keeping the key to have something over you , that is, to keep the channels of communication open.

    • He got tired of me.. you think... its hard to hear but the truth I have good days and I have bad today is not so good as you san see

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