Why doesn't this girl I've been seeing text me first?

This girl I've been seeing hardly ever text me first, she does once in awhile but not very often. I spent the night at her house on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday night. She was crying on Tuesday about her mom so I went over with ice cream to help her feel better but didn't get around to the ice cream. On Wednesday she invited me over to eat the ice cream. On Thursday she invited me over again. On Friday we were planning on watching a movie but never did and I accidently left it at her place. She volunteered to pick me up on Fri when I could have driven to her house. After I do spend the night I do drop her off at her class since were both in college and her class is before mine and so she wouldn't have to worry about parking and she takes the bus back to her house. We do spend quite a bit of time together but it seems like I always start the conversation. After I text her first and the convo has ended she might send me a random text a few hours later. I was planning on not texting her at all last week and she texted me at 7pm asking if everything is OK. I'm planning on doing the same thing today to see if she texts me first. If she doesn't text me at all what should I do.


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  • If she's really interested in you, she'll contact you.

    But make sure it's clear that the last conversation ended. Often times my friends refuse to text a guy because they feel as if the conversation was still left standing and it's the guy's turn to text. So if he doesn't and she does, it makes her seem needy

    • I don't think it would make a girl seem needy. It would be needy if a girls constantly text me throughout the day and I hardly contact her back. It seems like she's not interested in me like she used to which I don't get because she was crying last week bcuz she really likes me and that I'm a few years older and that I'm graduating soon. It seems like she doesn't want to lose me or maybe she's afraid to get to close to me because she's afraid I would break her heart like her ex bf. she stopped text me

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