My ex won't speak to me, but goes out of his way to stalk me online?

We broke up a few months ago due to distance and arguing/stress, and went NC. He would look at my snapstory everyday. I tried reaching out, saying hello and that I was sorry it ended badly and I missed having him around which he ignored. I blocked his username on tumblr recently so he couldn't follow my posts, but it still allows direct access on another device. I recently installed a tracker on my tumblr blog, and it turns out he views it up to 20 a day, almost hourly, from when he gets up to when he goes to sleep. He has to go out of his way to do this since I blocked his tumblr username. Why the hell won't he speak to me directly after I've reached out?


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  • he want to talk to you, but first he want make you feel guilty and regret about what happened... so he can come later and give you a list of things that he wants you to do it for him... at the same time he wants to see if there's someone else in your life.

    the point is... he wants you to beg him so he can feel better and feels the victory.
    no matter what happened... don't let him win.

    Good luck...


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  • He is a pussy and does not want to admit he wants u back.

    • He is strong and have better self esteem then her, that's why ignoration is the best.
      He is more powerful than her, that's why she is asking questions like that.
      So your argument is just nothing more than bulshit.

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    • @Djaaaaaay I'm always right as far as I learned a lesson from a friend,
      which is : "Nobody aboves you" I believe in it and I don't care for the rest of the girls who think themselves for something more

    • @DarkManX I respect your opinion , just leave this paticular one alone please !!

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  • Perhaps you don't deserve to reach you out, once he didn't that maybe he get the right decision, the desicion that men basically make and maybe he exchanged you with an better girl who knows.

    • you seem kinda sexist so I'm going to ignore your input

    • The truth hurts sometimes, but I'm okay with your decision,
      perhaps people who couldn't accept the truth will live in pain for future, good luck!.

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  • he's still going through the motions of the break up. You both ended it and you blocked him which must have shocked him and he could be regretting it and looking to see if you've met someone new or are having fun without him. The best you can do is ignore him and if you want to talk then leave it for a few weeks and see if he initiates contact or maybe you can message him, if not then just ignore him till he tires out.

  • Tbh, I don't understand anyone who is still talks to ex dates or ex s/o's.
    I cut all contact instantly.

    • Every girl is different, some of them are strong, some of them are not.
      Some of them are having high self confidence, but without any coverage over it.
      Every girl is equal to an other one.

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    • Yeah the way you write it down it's applicable,
      That's why people say men control the world, women are victims you get it right.
      I'm happy to hear your answer.

    • @DarkManX (laughing) K. If believing that helps you feel good, go ahead.
      I'm not about to spoil your delusion with my offline reality.
      Keep smiling xo

  • He wants you back but is to afraid to ask you to your face.

    • Perhaps he is afraid to be hurted again or maybe he respect him self for this decision.
      Thousands of women in the sea.

  • Creepy


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