Why do people cheat? What is the best way to cope with cheating?

Why do people think it's okay, to go out of their way to says romantics things and make life-long promises about staying together, but when they're provided the opportunity they will fine a way to cheat. Whether it be a stranger, a friend's friend, or someone they know. I'm not even talking about anything sexual but even like a conversation leading up to that. I think it applies to both genders.

I think finding out that you've been cheated on is one of the worst feelings in the world, it can severely damage one's self esteem especially if you actually believed that the people you've been dating had been telling the truth and if you thought they were the 'one'.

I have a boyfriend but he's been accusing me of cheating when I haven't been. While he's been talking to various girls through games and he's even video chatted them. Also, I've seen him close his games all of a sudden several times whenever i visited him. I told him I dislike him doing that, but I can only tell him that and he could still do it behind my back if he really wanted to.
Although if I ever find out that my boyfriend has been cheating on me, I would probably try to get back and then break up with him. I think it's really unfair to the other person if you lead someone on but treat them like they never meant that much to you.

I don't think it has to do with what the other person lacks or if it's due to their appearance. I think it's more to do with the hunger for the attention that they receive.


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  • 1. no one can promise the future, and 2. Most people say what they feel in the moment. Anywho- why do people cheat? there's multiple reasons people try to justify cheating whether it'd be they're lacking something in their relationship, the so happen "fell in bed" with someone else (LOL), just are selfish and want everything without having to give up something. Some people are attention seekers and therefor find anyway to get attention from anyone and everyone, it has very little to do with their partner and more themselves.


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  • "Cheating" is often how it sounds. It's like cheating on a critical exam, cheating on a diet, cheating on a video game that a person finds too difficult to beat fairly, etc.

    It's not necessarily some malicious act of betrayal but often an inability to resist temptations, an unwillingness to sacrifice, an overall lack of discipline, weakness, etc. It's often done by people who are rather impulsive and generally don't comprehend the full consequences of their actions or the negative repercussions it could have if they get caught.

    The temptations are always there. It's there in me and I've never cheated, but I would be lying if when I'm at a bar and some cute tipsy girl starts coming onto me heavily and repeatedly saying my wife is so lucky, I'm not tempted in the slightest. The temptation is there but it's discipline and sacrifice and remembering that my wife is home and misses me that makes me keep my distance from her and keep a reserved manner around such a girl where I remind her of how much I care about my wife.

    As for how to cope with it, I don't know how. It might be wise to simply not to do so unless you can see a way to forgive a person and a good possibility that they'll cease that behavior.

  • Because some people are not with the right person in the first place.


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