Would he come back?

My boyfriend and I had been dating 3 years. He's 28, I am 25. He broke up with me earlier this evening. Things had been off between us for about a week. There had been as argument between us and my best friend and her husband. The three of them got extremely upset with me. I attempted to talk to him the next morning. But he didn't want to talk to me, he told me wanted space to think. My friend had convinced him to come over that night, so the four of us could talk. We talked about the problems. Things were resolved. But things felt weird between him and I after that. That was the first real fight that we have ever had. I asked him if we were okay. He said yes. We had already planned a group outing for that weekend. Three days after everything hit the wall. But we had talked. We went on the outing, we had fun. We had our pajama party, just like we planned. I felt like things between him and I were still weird though. I thought I was just being paranoid. Turns out I was right. We were okay during the day today. And then this evening he threw me a curveball. He broke up with me. He texted me saying this just wasn't working for him anymore. That I was a good person, he just didn't see a future with me anymore. I called him, and I asked him to talk to me face to face. He told me he couldn't that right now. That I wanted him to be honest with me. I agreed, I did want him to be honest with me. I wanted him to be honest with me face to face. That our three years deserved that. Eventually he agreed. I drove to his apartment, and we sat in my car.

He told me he didn't see a future with me anymore. That I wasn't the one. And he was tired of leading me on. That it was eating him up inside. He told me he still cared about me. He just doesn't love me that way anymore. He still wanted to be my friend. I asked him what I could do. That we could fix it. People argue and fight, and they get over it. He told me there was nothing to fix. He said he tried. I asked what he was trying to do if he felt there was nothing that could be fixed.
He said we were just too different. He mentioned that he wanted space. But he said he wanted space before the fight between the four of us. I asked why he didn't talk to me sooner if that was the case. Why he didn't tell me he wanted space sooner. I told him if he needed space, I could give him space. He said something about feeling this way, tired of leading me on, for a week. I questioned why it took him one week to decide to throw away three years. I didn't fight with him. I didn't yell.


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  • No, in the future remember this plain and simple, when people make an effort to tell you it's over IT IS OVER. What you need to do now is not wonder whether or not he is coming back but put on your big girl panties, take up some hobbies, read, travel, write, take some classes, do some yoga, biking, running, and go on dates, even if you don't want to jump back into a relationship, force yourself back out there and boost your self esteem. I guarantee you will feel much better about yourself and don't be surprised that when you start doing you he sees it and wants back in, the catch is you'll be living life so much you probably won't want him.

    If you wait around however, hoping, wishing, praying, you will do nothing but destroy your emotional state and if he does come back, the relationship will be doomed because for all the time wasted, you'll begin to resent him. So start on the path to recovery and stop giving a fuck, as harsh as it is, and focusing on you, that's the only way this gets resolved. Good luck.

    • He said he still cared about me. He still loves me. Just not in that way. He wants to be my friend. He told me I was one of the closest friends he's ever had.

    • I've said that before too, because I didn't want to be a dick, plain and simple he ended the relationship, it's time to move on regardless of friends or not.

  • Hard to say. 1. he cheated 2. you cheated 3. realized you don't want a family 4. realized he needs to relocate and you won't...

  • What was the fight


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