Need advice about snap chat. Please help?

Long story short... I do not use snap chat/ any type of social media myself, however my boyfriend does. The other day i found out his top four friends on snap chat were all girls I had never seen or heard of in my life. The top girl had the number 62 with a fire symbol and a heart! I looked this up and know what they mean now (consecutived days and each other's best friends). I am heart broken and feel betrayed almost like he has been having an emotional private relationship I haven't known about for a while. We have been together for 2 years, I love him very much. He insists that all of these girls are just his 'friends' and as much as I would love to believe him, I don't. I am considering ending this relationship because I am so upset and hurt he is calling me now and texting me and leaving voicemails... Help anyone advice on snap chat? Has this happened to anyone? Am I over reacting? Should I give him a chance to explain? Should I end this? I am
so torn :/
Need advice about snap chat. Please help?
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