Would you want to know who your ex slept with?

Lets say your ex left you, after longer period of time (more than 6 months) they regreted it and want to come back. If you get back together would you rather know who your ex slept with during your breakup time or not?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I said no, because... me and my baby daddy were together for almost 2 years before we broke up (my choice). after just one month of being away from each other we tried to work it out. I told him everything I did with other people (I only flirted) and he said he didn't do anything. Well, I snooped and found out he was flirting with an old friend, I asked her about it and... turns out they fucked. I confronted him, got my answer and was destroyed. We were so happy before I found out... to this day I still think about it, I feel betrayed, not good enough, like she's better looking than me... etc. You know, all those negative thoughts. Basically. .. what you don't know won't hurt you.

    • But, you broke up with him, do you think he should have waited for you?

Most Helpful Guy

  • I wanna know who I'm tasting when I go down on her. I also wanna know how many guys I'm beating when she says "I'm the best" in bed.

    • What about other girls then, do you ask them who they slept with before you met?

    • Once we get to an intimate level, yeah.

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What Girls Said 3

  • I would because not knowing things drives me insane. It doesn't matter. But I'd want to know

  • for sure!

  • Honestly yes. I have asked in the past.

    • And how did that play out?

    • Good however it was only 2 months past and none of us slept with anyone. We Reunited but it didn't last.

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