He won't forgive me or talk to me?

I got into a silly fight with my boyfriend over text. And now he is not talking to me. We both have these little fights with each other but I always forgive him without hesitation. But he always gives me the cold shoulder no matter how much I say sorry. It's probably the worst feeling him ignoring me like I'm nothing.

Does your boyfriend/ girlfriend ever do this and how do you deal with it?


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  • It's possible that your boyfriend is very sensitive, now this sensitivity can be due to him being highly principled, very logical , very systematic or it could also be due to him feeling things deeply. I don't know what exactly it is.

    Now, it's also possible that your boyfriend is a peace loving person and he totally dislikes fights and he actually never wants to fight with you but it's possible that somehow you both get into a fight and may be you started it for some reason and because of that he is not forgiving you.

    It's also possible that your boyfriend is not very forgiving by nature or he doesn't forgive people very easily.

  • I think it's very immature


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