After 3 years, this is it?

3 very up and down kind of years everyone... Him (M) and I (F) are both 23 years old. There was a point where things became too unhealthy and I decided to break things off just about 2 months ago. I left loving him. The break up was messy: back and forth, confusion, not knowing whether what I did was the right thing, going back to him, him breaking up with me, trying to convince me to "fight for us" and then it all came crashing into a bigger bottomless pit when he told me how dissapointed he was in me, etc. , i said goodbye, he said goodbye and that was it.

Fast forward to today, 2 months later, I'm just focusing on myself. I admit, I miss him. And I don't want to get into anything else with anyone else until I know that I am past the post break up issues. After all, we were very much in love with each other. And yet.. he has already found someone else (yes I have searched him on social media, I know, I know.. stop doing that, I'm trying my best) and it really sucks to know that after 3 years, 2 months after our break up, he has already found someone else.

Why is it that after 3 years, I'm the one who's having more trouble letting go while he has already moved on?

Words of advice would be appreciated, thank you in advance :)

After 3 years, this is it?
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