Texted my ex girlfriend off a texting app?

Long story short. Me and my girl for 2.5 years ended things exactly a week ago. She blocked me to restrain herself from texting me I guess and so we've been in no contact for 8 days now. We've been on and off lately. It's a mess. Anyways I texted her off a app and pretended to be a girl and said

"Hey girl! are you and ***** still a thing? I rather not be involved if you guys are talking"

She send a few texts back. I still haven't replied but she said.

"Who's this?

You really don't want to be involved. He's a terrible guy that has no respect for girls. Just letting you know. And I'm not just saying that he really is a bad guy to be with.

I've caught him receiving nudes whole with me, messaging girls while with me, getting called a slut whore bitch a piece of shit. I had to deal with it for 3 years. So you might want to think about it.

We also just ended things a WEEK ago. One week."

All in multiple texts. she lied and exaggerated a lot of that stuff she said.. I never got nudes or anything lol. I never replied. What should I say? Should I text back? The purpose was to see if she cares. And I guess she does. What do you guys think?
I want her back. I've been creeping on her and she seems to be doing fine. I know she texts guys and stuff
She' messaged this one girl asking if it was her and she replied no. She said okay, and then stated how it was a joke that I moved on from a 2 year relationship in a week. So she's mad I guess. Don't know what should I do... I don't know if that's bad that she's pissed now. Or if it's okay because now she's jealous and thinks about me more and maybe might get back together? I don't know


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  • This is dumb, you guys are over. Move on. Trying to catfish your exgirlfriend to see if she still cares is childish and immature. Of course she cares, you guys were together for 2.5 years and it was a messy breakup. Leave it alone, leave her alone, respect her need for space.

    • Yeah. But I want her back lol. We've done this before and shed usually text me and we'd make up. It's that 8 days has been the longest with no contact. I plan on continuing it for 21 days. If I get no text from her then I'm moving on

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    • Okay I agree. Like I said earlier, I'm giving myself 21 days and if she still doesn't contact then she deff doesn't care and doesn't want me. Because I' want to move on and try with different girls. But don't want to ruin my chance with her

    • Ya sounds like a plan 👍👍

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  • She obviously doesn't care. I'd back off if I were you before things escalate too much

    • She cares. She' messaged this one girl asking if it was her and she replied no. She said okay, and then stated how it was a joke that I moved on from a 2 year relationship in a week.

    • Really bro, She's not having it

    • How do you know? You don't give any details or anything. She's jealous and obviously cares.

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  • Why do you want to be with a person who willing to lie just like that to people about you? don't you have self respect?

    • She obviously lied so that "girl"wouldn't have a chance with me. Doesn't it make sense? She still cares. But now she seems mad because she thinks I'm already moving on

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    • I am independent I'd say. I've been doing fine the past week. Just missing her but I'm still okay. I gave myself 21 days of no contact starting the day we ended stuff and if she doesn't message or anything in that 21 days then I'll be done with her for good. So far 8 days without her trying to talk to me. Usually it's like 2-3 days and she'd blow up my phone telling me how much she misses me

    • Ok you do you man.

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  • leave her alone. stop creeping around.


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