It's not that I don't love you... What does it mean?

I recently broke up and during our relationship i said 'i love you.' a few times but he didn't. I thought maybe it's hard to say it for him and i didn't care. And finally he said 'It's not that i don't love you.' WHAT DOES IT MEAN?


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  • Well, that's like a mystery. He means to say he does love you but not to the same level like how you love him.


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  • It can mean different things. You should ask him to explain what he means

    It can mean he genuinely loves you , but can't be with you. It takes more than love to be happy in a relationship. Or he could mean he loves you , but isn't " in love " with you.

    Personally I'd ask him, instead of second guessing what he actually means


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  • He only used you and taken you for granted for what you had and could provide him with. Time to move on, you've been played. Time to heal.

  • He's a lying pussy. It means "I never did love you and never will"


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