Is it a bad thing I still talk about my ex gf?

I have a new girlfriend i treat her very will and she treats me will too.. Our mutral friend will most her friend got a new girlfriend they have been dating for almost 1 month now. She was talking to us about her girlfriend and her parents and it reminded me of what me& my ex girlfriend went through so i brought up my ex girlfriend and told our friend ash that she just needs to gain her parents truest. Her only reply to it was why am i bring up my ex girlfriend when i have a new girlfriend. Is it a bad thing i still talk about my ex girlfriend every now n then? This month is the month we were forced to break up and she was my best friend before dating so most of the memories or good times i habe ro talk about or with her. And when ever i bring up my ex is always to explan something never saying how much i miss her.. so is it bad i talk about her often? My new girlfriend doesn't seem to mind it as long as it's not often which it's not.
Is it a bad thing I still talk about my ex gf?
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