Is it a bad thing I still talk about my ex gf?

I have a new girlfriend i treat her very will and she treats me will too.. Our mutral friend will most her friend got a new girlfriend they have been dating for almost 1 month now. She was talking to us about her girlfriend and her parents and it reminded me of what me& my ex girlfriend went through so i brought up my ex girlfriend and told our friend ash that she just needs to gain her parents truest. Her only reply to it was why am i bring up my ex girlfriend when i have a new girlfriend. Is it a bad thing i still talk about my ex girlfriend every now n then? This month is the month we were forced to break up and she was my best friend before dating so most of the memories or good times i habe ro talk about or with her. And when ever i bring up my ex is always to explan something never saying how much i miss her.. so is it bad i talk about her often? My new girlfriend doesn't seem to mind it as long as it's not often which it's not.


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  • I don't think so. I always talked about my ex's and them there's. My only serious ex was even at my wedding and we hang out with him pretty regularly now. In fact my best friend and him are now roommates... so we hang out a lot now-lol.

    • My only serious ex i don't even speak to anyone so happy you were able to save your friendship with your ex. But i do have 1 ex i still talk too and even give dating advice too.. am the typle thag2 hates bring people into my life if they won't be in it for long

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    • I'm a lifer. When I'm in it and I let someone become really important to me they always will be even if the role changes.

    • Yea i belive am a lifer too but with my ex girlfriend i known we can never be just friends but with my new girlfriend i love her darely and i known me&her can be just friends if anything happens.. but will need some space from each other. I mean why let someone become importanr2 then delite them from your mind if your role in your life changes? when i talk about my ex it's always a funny story or something i planned on doing with her.. that i wanna do with my new girlfriend like take cooking clesses together.

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  • I think you really don't have to. Even she says she doesn't mind you talking about your ex. It might lead to ending of your relationship if you keep on talking about your x.

    • Why would me talking about my ex girlfriend end up with the ending of my new relationship? i don't talk about my ex 247 but every now and then i do.

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    • I understand your opinion so if she was the jealous typle ot could end? and no she's like me she wouldn't really ever get jealous... in fact its rare for us both. Only way she would ever get jealous is if i did something i shouldn't be doing

    • Ok. That's good for both of you then.

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  • Are you that na├»ve? your new girlfriend would definitely mind about it, she just does not want to look like the jelous type.


    Its that simple

    • My new girlfriend says she perfectly cool 2with it.. only her friend aaid something about it. And she not the typle

    • Just because she said she is cool with it, doesn't mean she is being %100 honest,
      don't piss in her face with it

    • Hmmm I don't know were honest with each other about everything even she bring up her ex boyfriend when we are near his town.

  • It's not really right that you talk about your ex girlfriend. It's not required also

    • Why isn't it right?

    • That's because it might give an impression to your girlfriend that you still remember her or you might still be in love with her and so you haven't moved on. Although it may not be true but there is a chance she can have that impression about you.

    • Why wouldn't i rememebr my ex gf? and i will always lovemy ex girlfriend but doesn't mind I'd date her Agin. i can openly talk to my new girlfriend about this we were friends before datinf for 10 months.

  • It can only lead to good things...


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