Have you ever had a significant other go from loving you to breaking up and hating your guts in less than a week? If so, why?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Yes, and it leaves you feeling dumbfounded. . It also leaves you with many unanswered questions

    I honestly believe there's underlying reason why they suddenly change. So there's probably been issues for a while which you may have been totally unaware of.


What Guys Said 1

  • They built the relationship upon lies, didn't communicate with me, and lied saying they loved me leading me on for months while my emotions were growing stronger and their emotions were fading. They also cheated on me and 'replaced me' so, I was just an annoyance to them once they had other partners and I was still there trying to move on.

    Once they left me I was obviously hurt but still loved them, and showed them that I cared for them and that I'd be there for them, that annoyed them and pissed them off for some reason. So, me caring for them pissed them off, they were just annoyed because by the time they broke up with me they had fully moved on without me really knowing or understanding that, when I had just started to try and move on, or try to understand.


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