Why can't I decided if I want to break up with my boyfriend and start crying trying to figure it out 😭😭😢?


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  • You might be able to feel that you don't love him or that you just like him, but nothing more.
    But you care about him very much. So thinking about breaking up with him, and knowing it will hurt him, makes you really sad.

    Just a thought.

    • Im not sure what I want any more

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    • Maybe your right

    • I hope you figure things out.
      Being in that situation is never fun.

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  • If you have a tumor on your leg, you have to cut it, but it hurts.

    • Um he isn't bad or anything he is really sweet and nice and I do like him

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    • Hu why is that?

    • because you got a good guy, you just don't believe that. by the way there are not 100% good guys in this world.

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  • Why have you put 3 crying smileys? are you that sad?

    Well it's possible that you are very sensitive and from your question it seems like your feelings, your love for him is much more deep and strong compared to your boyfriend's love for you.

    I am not saying that your boyfriend doesn't love you, but comparatively speaking your love is much more stronger than his.

    • um im the one thinkin abut leaving him he hasn't done anything to upset me

    • Okay, I understand. I hope you are ok.

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