2 year relationship. How to get her back?

Long story short. My girlfriend for 2 years ended things. We've been on and off lately. Id do the no contact rule and usually the 3rd day she'd beg for me back. But Since the last break up, It's been 8 days now without any contact. She hasn't tried talking to me. Last thing I knew is that she blocked my number. I know she cares a lot still. The reason for the fights is because I caught her texting another guy and I made a big deal out of it (who wouldn't) and I know she finds the guy attractive and she works with him. She favorites things on social media like "Every day we don't talk, I hate you more and more". I'll admit I did do wrong in the relationship. I didn't treat her like I should've. But during this past week, I've changed and realized how much she means to me and will treat her like a princess. I just don't know if I should try contacting her so soon. I read online that you should give a month break and allow things to cool down and don't rush back into it. But I know we both miss each other. What should I do? In my opinion I feel like she has lost respect because of a past serious fight. And I feel like she's lost maybe some attraction. Otherwise she wouldn't want attention from other guys.


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  • Well if you are both constantly fighting why keep being in the relationship, I know it's hard but she isn't the only one in the world nor are you. So if she texted another guy from work why be with someone who is disrespecting you like that and if you didn't treat her well with much attention another guy will... so that's why when you have someone you both put in effort it's an unhealthy relationship and we learn from them. I would say let it go if she wants you back she will reach out to you or you wil reach out to her in the future but for now I'd say let it go and focus on yourself and goals

    • So you think I should continue no contact until she reaches out to me? I kinda want to message her now and just tell her how much I changed. But then again I think about the times I caught her texting the other guy. But I know deep down she still has love for me

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  • OK how do you "know" she misses you when
    (A) she refuses to talk to you
    (B) she's talking to another man she is attracted to
    None of that sounds to me like she misses you at all

    • Because she's trying to move on I guess. She's said she's had enough. But I feel like I showed her I changed then she might reconsider the relationship again. She loved me so feelings just don't go away. She still cares because I can tell from her social media

    • She said she's moving on right? If you care about her you will honor that and let her move on right?

  • All you can do is talking to her and tell her exactly the same things you told us here. Then it's up to her to believe it or not, to accept it or not.


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