Am I the only one who thinks it's harder to date a divorced man?

My boyfriend and I dated briefly is highschool. Fast forward 25 years, both divorced and kids. We have rekindled what we had in HS and we're 2 years into this and so far it's been pretty good. We currently maintain a long distance relationship. We have plans to move to the same state but not into the same house, which I have no problem with. My question is this... Trust issues run deep with him and I'm very patient. What is it about trusting again after divorce that is so difficult with men? What are the most common stages of re-commitment for men. He says he want to spend the rest of his life with me but doesn't want to get married... if I know one thing, that's just him not wanting me to pressure him for marriage and no problem with that either. I'm not looking to rush him or leave him I want him for life as well. Just curious about my questions. Thanks


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  • All the cash and prizes the courts awarded you in your divorce, your ex was ordered to pay. Your new guy no doubt went through a similar ass-raping and isn't eager for a repeat. Smart of him

    • Thanks for the comment but actually my ex and I didn't have anything joint in our marriage so we walked scott free from each other.
      It greatly disappoints me that women seems to think that it's a good thing to "ass-rape"
      And my question was actually more about the recovery process for men. I'm ok with not getting married again. I still love him the same.

  • That's how I feel too, same as him, never ever want to go through that again and the only way to guarantee that is to not get married again, so it would take a lot for me to do that again so basically I would rather not

    • How long has it been? What was your recovery process? Where are you in your process.

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    • Yeah you're only gonna run into more and more emptiness. Just gota go through it. But ask yourself when you're in your feelings why do u feel that way at the moment and deal with that emotion only and then tomorrow there will be another to deal with. It gets better i promise:)

    • Ok I'll try that , thanks

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