Why do I get flashbacks of my ex?

It's been more than 7 months then me and my ex boyfriend broke up. He was my first kiss and you call kinda call me my first true love. We had a horrible break up and each time we saw each other we acted like we didn't exist but we know that we both missed each other. So anyways I been having flashbacks of somethings we did or talked about. I don't have any feeling for him but whatever I have the flashback I feel empty like somethings is missing.


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  • Well, like you stated he was your first kiss and first true love, you may have broken up 7 months ago and you may not have any feelings, but you never forget your first kiss and true love, so I think it's kind of natural, but if these flashbacks happen after a year, something may be up. Or maybe you haven't completely gotten over him.


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  • Yu need to get preoccupied with something. Whatever, study Latin, take up tennis, anything new to distract your attention and point you FORWARD!!

    • Why in the name of all the gods does anyone have to make their opinion about this situation, which isn't initimate or embarrassing to an answerer, not even to the asker..

      PRIVATE? Mother Mary and Joseph

    • Thanks for the MHO. And good luck..

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  • It's because he's your first 'love' so it's harder to get over and you don't have other things to focus on to replace the memories


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