I'm single again and wondering if I could have a "close friendship" with my ex?

i broke up with her in about 2 months after it all began. and later I got committed with another girl (my ex doesn't know about it) and now my last girlfriend (we didn't breakup) left for other country, anyway we couldn't get married and all.

but now I'm all alone. I'm wondering if I can establish a "close friendship" with my ex, we've been talking since 3-4 days and she's still very interested in me. but I don't want to take the tension of being committed again. I like being single for the time being. my ex and I are in the same university but we haven't seen each other yet. and I'm thinking about getting into a friendly relationship with her, and also diminish the guilt I have to breaking up with her. should I or not?

PS: sorry couldn't be too clear about the whole scenario, hope you got a little idea of what I'm trying to say. thanks

well my second girlfriend had to go another country with her family. definitely sure she didn't go because of me. she still loves and misses me and cries when we talk. but later she had become a headache so I don't miss her that much. only to the extent that I don't have a person I can talk freely and openly and continuously.


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  • I'm going to say don't. If you see her around campus and you have a friendly talk, then that's cool. But, you want to be friends with a ex, someone who you broke up with because you don't want the tension of being committed, but it sounds like that's what she wants. It sounds like a recipe for drama.

  • Takes time to get over an ex. its harder if you remain friends, and have contact, hard to move on and be commited to the new relatoinship you are in and you hope or would be tempted to hook up with him, even is its casual or fwb, not healthy. New parnters are suspicuous or know you hook up with the ex


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