Just lay it on the table, I feel something is still there and worth exploring?

it is still very much real to me. Our breakup I mean. It happened 3 months ago but I am still struggling and still very much am in love with him and will eventually tell him. After bu he initiated contact first which i believe to be good I don't know. We talked and joked around and had sex a few times. Asked him to come over one night and he said he had a lot going on and not sure how he felt. Flash forward to now. Last time we had sex was in July. I am now attending his summer camp with one of my students. Its hard seeing him everyday. We catch each other looking at each other a lot and some of the other counselors know and see that the attraction is still there. They did there own research and found out about us no one said anything. Anyway He texted me once since we started seeing how it was and then talked to me sometimes during the day like thwe other day telling me I should thank him for something and seeing how the day goes etc. He goes home and does nothing but doesn't text me. I don't know why but i get nervouse to text him because I still love him. I believe something is still there i just dont know how to go about it. I might just come right out and lay it on the table. at least i tried if nothing amounts to it right? The breakup I also feel should have never happend but i guess it was a challenging time for him.


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  • You should tell him how you feel. Not sure why you haven't. Who know maybe you can get back with him

    • I am not sure either. I guess maybe just the fact was giving him some time but I don't know. I am going to tell him soon. I will after the camp ends unless he brings it up to me or I see him before the end of next week. I hope we can get back. If it happens again it be great

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  • Let him know you miss him and see if he returns. If he doesn't you have your answer...

    • Yeah, I am going to soon. I think after camp. Dont want to make it more awkward during

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