He broke up with me and now he's partying and dancing and getting at every girl. whats his thinking process with this whole breakup?

my ex recently broke up with me a couple of days ago. we met in a small town & ended up getting 2gether that summer even tho he was transferring 2 a college 3 hrs away. i was never crazy or insecure & we had a good relationship. our town doesn't have great parties/cute girls. this college is girls "his type". as he made friends/went out more, i developed trust issues/jealousy. didn't hold him back from going out, but did get mad at him/made him feel guilty. i brokeup w him & hed still beg for me back, but i dont think he had super cute girls at those parties then. eventually we argued lots. when we're together it was good, even recently before we split. i believe we always loved eachother. i regret making him feel restricted, & told him in text i was sorry & how i watched all these vids on youtube about how to deal with jealousy in a relationship & realized i dont mind him partying/doing things anymore but i get he doesn't want me anymore/i dont expect him to reply unless he wants to give me another chance in the future. no reply. before that text, we did end on good terms. he said he wanted 4 us to focus on ourselves rn is best. & he doesn't see our arguing getting better. i know he said this because he started his social life with his new job, otherwise hed be lonely & have came back. i found out 2night he went to his work party & saw him grinding w/ a girl. i feel like once he realized he had a job/life/new cute coworkers, its when he realized it was time drop me. i feel hurt w his actions so soon after a breakup. he works out more/parties/flirts and im just sad. is he sad at all/was it that easy to get over me? was i just here til he had better options? despite my jealousy, i was good to him/loyal/made him appreciated. whats he thinking rn/is he just going to move on, not think about getting back w/ me 1 day in the future? should i wait for him 2 text me 2 give me my stuff when he visits home? or even see him when he does? would he even want 2 see me a last time?


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  • sorry for what you're going through.
    first thing is... you don't have to compare yourself with anyone by saying that you live in a small town where there are no cute girls (what you said is related to you and how you think about yourself, not related to the other girls).

    breaking up is the best solution to let know that you're dealing with someone who has no intention by sailing the oceans with you to a better future in this relationship... which mean you don't have to wait for him... cuz you don't need to prove your existence to those who loves you.

    Just don't wait for no one to start your life.


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  • He doesn't care at all anymore. I wouldn't do that if I still wanted my ex back. You should get your stuff and leave because he's using you if he comes back. He probably was using you for a while tbh. He just got bored and tired of the relationship

  • Apparent;y, he was not as attached to you as you believed.

  • Men realize there is no point to relationships. He was playing you and wanted sex.


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