Have you ever been demonized by an ex in the wake of a breakup?

I still love her, even if she doesn't love me anymore. She's facing an extremely difficult situation right now, and thanks both to government BS neither of us have any say over and thanks to our being long-distance, my means of helping her through it are limited. She broke up with me shortly after my last visit, at the end of which I thought things between us were fine. Said she wanted to stay friends, but she has only grown angrier over time, digging up old hurts and revealing some serious misunderstandings about them. Ascribing selfish motives which simply did not apply.

God help me, I still love her, I want to see her escape this situation, and I care about how she remembers me. But I don't want to overstep. We're keeping our distance for now.
I'm interested to hear people's examples, but any advice on how to contend with the present situation (aside from abandoning her altogether) would be greatly appreciated.


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  • hey there, can i ask you this question, the things she is stating from her memories, which you seem to disagree with, would you say that maybe you could see them in reverse of more how she was or reacted or things she said towards you? xx


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  • Oh, hell yes. She went running to a client of mine (whom she knew before we met) and told her we broke up. It backfired on her. The next time I visited that client, she said she didn't want to interfere, but the woman was no good and she was glad I broke up with her.

  • Of course. That's what women are best at. Demonizing and accusing men whenever they get a chance. And also provoking sympathy from others by portraying themselves as the victims.


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