Why is ex awkward in person and confident on snapchat?

We broke up a year ago and I don't think either of us ever properly moved on. He knows there's still a chance but he never takes it.. he just stares from a distance and freezes. I don't understand.

The last time I saw him he was awkward but then when I was leaving the party at 6am he finally came over and said can he have a hug and then I said of course!! But then went back to being awkward and could hardly look at me when he was asking how I am before my taxi came.

He snapchats me every few weeks asking how I am like a normal human! It annoys me because I want him to be like that in person. He's usually so confident and he just makes things weird, I've tried.

What do you think?


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  • I think this probably means he doesn't have real confidence.

  • Some people are like that


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