How do I deal with my ex dating again?

Hi, so the girl I was seeing on and off for just under 2 years has a new boyfriend. To be honest I'm not as hurt as I thought I would be as we haven't spoken in 6 months, but I still do think about her a lot (she left me) but I loved her and she did love me. I feel crushed that this means she's moved on, but I also feel like I have closure knowing that she's definitely not coming back. I want to move on but I dont know how, I have no drive to go out and better myself. Has anyone else been in this position? How did you move on, become a better person? Im quite shy and awkward so socializing is always hard. Any ideas would appreciated.


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  • Seriously mate, cut her completely out of your life.

    Stop thinking about her, block her everywhere, delete her number, have NO contact with her.

    She's an ex, she left you, she's not worthy of your attention.

  • You loved her but she did NOT love you. If she did, she wouldn't leave you and date someone else.


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