Do you find it flattering to be someone's "ultimate struggle"?

If someone said you were his demon, his "ultimate struggle"

First, how do you interpret this?

Coming from a player?

  • Yes, it is very flattering.
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  • No.
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What Guys Said 1

  • Lol that's good, sounds like a player, bit meritriocious


What Girls Said 1

  • um to be honest it sounds like game to me. usually if a guy tells you something and it sounds kinda "cryptic" and "abstract" there's a chance it may be BS because he would just be up front with you and say what he means, even if he doesn't use a lot of words...especially knowing that this guy is a's a high possibility you should interpret it as game or sweet talk. so be flattered but don't take it seriously.

    • Actually, he never said it to my face. He tells his friends this when he's drunk.

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