There is a boy that I'm talking to that likes me but won't go out with me because he is scared of hurting me?

As I said before, there is this guy that is likes me and we talk everyday and I feel like I am in an unofficial relationship. He said he fears hurting me because he made a promise to himself that he would stay a virgin until he turns 18 (guess what he's 18 now). He still somewhat talks to his ex even though he claims he really only likes me and that he talks to her for the possibility of sex. What should I do? I feel like I'm in limbo, like there is nothing to pursue here. He won't be my boyfriend, yet it bothers him when other guys try to talk to me. Oh yea, he asked me to have sex with him. That's not happening though. I like being a virgin. I feel like he really wants to get rid of his virginity and that's all that's on his mind right now. Should I leave him alone? P.S. He's my prom date...

I'm 17


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  • You picked a prom date who is looking to lose his viginity? Well, that is not going to be a very eventful night for him.

    He's one of the guys who you should leave alone because his interests in you are only sexual in nature. It bothers him when other guys talk to you because they are stepping in his territory when he's put work in getting to know you.

    Since you are his prom date you need to let him where you stand because you don't want him thinking he's going to get some after prom nookie or anything like that.

    • I had a feeling I was going to get an answer like that... but I didn't want to believe it. Should I change my prom date?

    • I think you should go on a date with a guy who you know is not going to look to have sex after the prom and won't put you in any uncomfortable situations. But, first talk to this guy and make it clear to him where you stand and what's going to happen and what isn't going to happen, and then really find out where his head is at.... Both heads. You want to your prom to be fun and a good memory for you and I'm sure he wants the same. So, find out.

    • Alright, will do

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  • hey I guess he is jus lukin to lose his virginity somehow... if he had real feelings for you he wudnt hav asked you for sex and wudnt hav continued talkin to his ex... he is jus a horny guy who us wants a hole to f***..

  • Takes time to get over an ex. its harder if you remain friends, and have contact, hard to move on and be commited to the new relatoinship you are in and you hope or would be tempted to hook up with him, even is its casual or fwb, not healthy. He could be using you to get over the ex or to make her jealous if he's not over her chances are he will try to get back with her. He wants an open relationship so long as its open for him, and he wants you to wait for him


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